Face in the Crowd

by Conversion Delay

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Recorded at Amish Electric Chair Studios in Athens, OH
© 2014 Conversion Delay


released November 30, 2014

Written & performed by: Nathaniel M Grosh, JD Johnston & Nick Allen
Recorded & produced by: Neil Tuuri



all rights reserved


Conversion Delay Columbus, Ohio

Independent Rock, Columbus Ohio

Nathaniel Grosh
• • • Guitar // Keys // Vox

JD Johnston
• • • Guitar // Bass

Nick Allen
• • • Drums

Sebastian Olsson
• • • Bass
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Track Name: Trite
is it called a scene
cause everyone is acting?
and have i missed out on the curtain call?
they're following the pack
while patting themselves on the back
and i've been rolling my eyes so hard
that i can see out of the back of my skull

it's oh so trite
but it might get me on the radio

redundancy has been the theme of every trend
which must be why i've heard this all before
but nobody complains
there's nothing but empty praise
and i've been biting my tongue so long
that i don't even taste the blood anymore

and just a little bit it feels like shit sometimes
like i'm not in on the joke
the happenstance of relevance is such
to be faux is to be vogue
well i don't care to be vogue
Track Name: World on Fire
i'm so damn bored
with all the nonsense that's around me
there's just too much noise
but i think i have a remedy

i want to set the world on fire
just to watch it burn
and if by chance i minimize this madness
then, in turn, i guess
i want to set the world on fire
just to watch it burn
and when we're standing in the ashes
then we can return and start again

let me say
that i can't condone this action
but i must confess
that there's a sense of satisfaction in it

i think it's time we started over
Track Name: Compassion
i've been up all night
thinking about all that is right on you
i can't shake it from my head
so i'll lay here in my bed without a thing to do

it's not that i've forgotten
but my focus has been shot as of late
when all i have is time
it's so easy to resign myself and wait

i just want some compassion
how can i get a little compassion?

i'm not saying that i don't sympathize
we've both been in this condition before
but for me to share your presence it alleviates
how can i be blamed for yearning for more?

i'm only looking for some compassion
Track Name: Stay the Same
i'm watching this sapling grow
it's doubled in it's size
in just a matter of days
i watch my body grow
changing before my eyes always

why can't everything stay the same?

i've noticed my world grow
to places i've not seen
so surrounding
i watch this child grow
yet all i see is me somehow
Track Name: Blink of an Eye
back and forth, up and down
all these complications
they make it harder to get around
sober truths, stress and strife
all inevitabilities in this life
yes i know it seems quite unsure
all the more reason to endure

the world doesn't care if we're in love
it'll pass us by
all the things we've been dreaming of
in a blink of an eye they're gone
that's why we've got to hold on

yesterday disappeared
and all the while, it turns out
lost itself in the passing years
sleepless nights, tired dawns
i can't even remember how it all went wrong
even so i refuse to concede
just as long as you're still here with me
Track Name: Body Music
light permeates into the room
but we don't dare open our eyes
seven o'clock has come too soon
and nothing feels as right as you

everything else just fades away
when i'm laying next to you
when my body's here with you

stay a little longer if you can
cause i can't bear when you're away
you make me feel most like a man
when you begin my day
your hand in mine, limbs are intertwined
the gentle contours of your form fit into me my dear
your breath is slow, i know that i should go
but i can't think of anywhere i'd rather be
than here with you

the morning air is cold against the surface of skin
but my body is warm now that you've taken me in
every touch is live with electricity
and all my senses are tuned into your frequency
break the silence and fall into ourselves until
i feel you tremble and so i hold you closer still
i promise i'll always come here when you want me to
the only thing i know is i exist inside of you
Track Name: De-Vice
when everything seems
oh so dramatic from afar
a spectrum of widening extremes
if it's your will
and not the pills you take
that keep you bound
and stretching at the seams
they've got a fix for that
a way to even out those feelings
don't mind the side effects
it's what makes it so appealing

precisely systematic
targeted demographics
it's not about what's right
but what's easy to sell
this corporate mechanism
bred from consumerism
if you want out of the device
then just de-vice yourself

are you that certain
that you're still up flying high
or spiraling into the ground?
imbibe to find your wings
and you'll be fine i'm sure
until you need to be unwound
they've got a drug for that
they've made a miracle concoction
don't mind the side effects
you can take care of those with another one
Track Name: Enough
these words they only go so far
though resonating in my heart
is there something i'm missing?
can't even tell if you're listening anymore
i'd sacrifice my very breath if it was all that i had left

but is it enough?

i try to give you all i can
i do my very best to understand
still i can't help but fear that the end is already here
all of my thoughts belong to you
my dreams and my ambitions too

somewhere along the line the both of us went mad
so should it really matter
if you're the hare or the hatter?

i long for you and you alone
i know it deep within my bones
Track Name: Lost in the Moment
it's been three weeks
since i last felt the razor blade
a single culmination
of all the choices that i've made
and it's that moment looking back into the mirror
and you don't recognize what's there

we won't be here for too long
where has everybody gone?
are they all lost in the moment?
and say tomorrow never comes
when it's all been said and done
will you be lost in the moment?

it's been three years
since i could step foot in my home
no welcome parties
we returned to the familiar on our own
and it's that moment when you stop and take it in
and you're not quite sure how you got there

there is no in between
you're living or you're lost
Track Name: Ordinary
waking up
prying myself from these sheets
and anchored down by the opportunities
that seem to be slowly slipping out of reach from me
day to day
following this routine
i can't help but wonder
if everything ahead of me is already set in concrete

waking up
to another dull morning spent growing old
my coffee's gone cold
and there's this growing fear
that it's already spread to my soul

could i be different?
some latent variant?
or am i just another nothing special
ordinary face in the crowd?
could i be exceptional?
is it so impossible
that i'm more than just another carbon copied
ordinary face in the crowd?
no way

well i suppose that i could just give in
and take my place
but i really don't see a resolution coming up that way
yeah fuck that
if i can manage to traverse these hazy pathways
then by all sound logic
i should make it out okay
so they say
i can't be ordinary
i won't be ordinary
with everything before me
i can't be ordinary
Track Name: Constant Contact
constant contact with this endless stream
ever present and all encompassing
drowning in digital currents but i don't feel a thing
no i don't feel a thing

far be it from me to complain
but this familiar stimulation has come up again
and thought it just might be in my head
though as of late
it seems like all of my nerves have gone dead

open my mouth but there's no sound
my voice is muffled by the waves
that keep on crashing down
in our universal figments
of databyte oceans that go on and on

divided in two shades of blue
one that is counter
to the other than aligns with you
and i would swim to middle ground
but the horizon just goes on and on

by now you'd think i'd learn to tread
with all these words dragging me down
i guess i'll sink instead
the letters all begin to blur
i give up i'm moving on
Track Name: Make Believe
visions appear
they're not really here

but i still see portraits in the textures
i still find figures in the nimbus overhead
in all that i can remember
i've never escaped from the make believe
i'm caught up in a daydream

head in the clouds
asking aloud

do you see portraits in the textures?
do you find figures in the nimbus overhead?
with everything you can remember
have you ever woke from the make believe?
caught in a daydream

do you see glowing colored outlines?
do you hear soundtracks set to daily happenings?
with everything you know
are you left wanting to believe
or are you caught in a daydream?

i can't be the only one
Track Name: Unlike
i can find a rhyme to any verse
but i can't write a resume
i can empathize with every side
but i can't convey what i'm trying to say

and maybe i'm just unlike everybody else
for whatever reason