Out of Sight

by Conversion Delay

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Recorded at:
Oranjudio Recording
// Columbus, Ohio
© 2017 Conversion Delay


released March 12, 2017

*Guest Vox on "Hope" by: Jenelle Rowland
Recorded // Produced by: Brandon MacLean
Mastered by: Chris Graham Mastering
Photo Credit: Mitchell Multimedia
Design by: NPXLS



all rights reserved


Conversion Delay Columbus, Ohio

Independent Rock, Columbus Ohio

Nathaniel Grosh
• • • Guitar // Keys // Vox

JD Johnston
• • • Guitar // Bass

Nick Allen
• • • Drums

Sebastian Olsson
• • • Bass
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Track Name: UltraViolence
I've been minding your behavior documented in these characters
And I don't know, I wasn't there, but I'm just saying
It's like we're stuck on repeat again
But tell me I'm wrong

How much longer should we tolerate meeting tragedy with fear and hate?
When every single fucking time we did it your way
Got us squarely back where we began?
But tell me I'm wrong

And (yeah) tell me how many more others have to die
Before you will concede (acknowledge that)
We're being governed by UltraViolence?
Cause you don't even seem to see it
All this time you haven't seen it
Can't believe you still don't see it yet

No future as far as I can see
The fuck is happening to me?
I can't break free but I'm still alive and trying anyway

How many more will die while you try and justify UltraViolence?
Track Name: Hope
Long ago I was me
I was happier than I've been in quite some time

But ever since, well I don't even know
Why I'm being sold ideals that I already hold

And I just keep on hearing all we have is hope

They're echoing what I already know and
Their overconfidence, I'm pretty sure, is just for show

But they keep telling me how
All we have is hope but I don't even have that
I guess all there is
All we have to do is try to get past it

All these stories, they all end the same
What's the chances they'll remember our names?
It's our destiny to fade away
But they say that all we have is hope
Track Name: Gray Imagination
American dreams are easier to have with your eyes closed
But we're not sleeping
Cause these pills are less effective than the last dose and
I suppose that we could be somnambulating
What do I know?
The unrelenting back and forth has got me feeling like
I don't know where to go, tell me where to go

(Pay no attention to that gray imagination)

Out of sight, out of mind
Black or white
Get behind one or the other

Adversity is easy to critique situated on the outside
Except should somebody expect you to compromise
We know you're watching, we know you're listening
And we don't care
See we've a different definition of reality and
It seems you're never there

And the funny thing is that
We're all the same stupid fucking shade of gray
Track Name: Under the Radar
I want to live under the radar
I want to be where nobody can see
And if I stay real still and hold my breath in
Maybe nobody will look for me

I've been existing in these institutions
Puppet strings and usual suspects
Unless you've come to talk some kind of solution
Don't try my patience as I haven't any left

I want to get under the radar
Better to hide or to don a disguise?
For all you know I could be behind you
Could be the culture war that's right before your eyes

I keep on hearing about revolution
But it turns out that it was mostly text
I've got no interest in that convolution
My only thoughts are where the hell do we go next?

But please understand, this isn't what I planned
It's just the way things are now
Just leave me alone
Track Name: Plastic
Black canvas awake and display
All that I've missed today and lately
Barriers that keep me within my space

And I can see through just fine, the membrane is not so thick but
I'm just wondering how long it's been since I've felt something
That wasn't covered up in plastic

Harder to allow conversation through these muffled sounds
But I could do better
Maybe together we'll find a way
Track Name: Strangers
I don't like it outside, it's much to bright
I'd rather simply close my eyes
The phone doesn't ring now, I've lost count of days
Don't even know what I would say, so I'll stay away

But they don't know

More or less broken, mostly ashamed
I'll take the burden of your blame
If I come off callous it's cause I can't believe
I'm not the man I wanted to be, forgive me

But you don't know

Electronic strangers telling me that it gets better
But it stays the same