Stepping Stone

by Conversion Delay

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Recorded at Amish Electric Chair Studios in Athens, Ohio.
© 2013 Conversion Delay


released March 26, 2013

Written & performed by: Nathaniel M Grosh & JD Johnston.
Recorded, produced, & mixed by: Neil Tuuri



all rights reserved


Conversion Delay Columbus, Ohio

Independent Rock, Columbus Ohio

Nathaniel Grosh
• • • Guitar // Keys // Vox

JD Johnston
• • • Guitar // Bass

Nick Allen
• • • Drums

Sebastian Olsson
• • • Bass
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Track Name: Everything (Is You)
darling, tell me where you're headed
baby, don't you know i'm indebted?

because everything is you

sugar, oh you taste so sweet
honey, tell me where we can meet again

the more i try to explain
the less they understand
so i'll keep it simple
you're a woman, and i'm a man

and everything is you
i don't want anything without you
Track Name: 4AM!
i guess you don't know
if today is going to work out right
how bout tomorrow?
will you make it to the morning light?
oh yeah, i just might
a cup of coffee and a cigarette
and i'll be good tonight
that's if i can get to

back again!

tick tock tick
there's infomercials everywhere i look
i'm getting sick of it
and all this talk about the holy book
enough to make you weak
i think i hear a distant sound
i wanna go to sleep
but the sun's about to come back around
Track Name: Beautiful Machine
you're so incredible
i wish i was just like you
you lay it all out for the machine
it has everything

you're just an image on my screen
a pixelated static scene
see me glisten see me gleam
i am a beautiful machine

your mind, well it's self-obsessed
and my heart doesn't ache for you
the machine, well it never skipped a beat
it has everyone
Track Name: Conversion
my mind manifests what my body can't digest
each thought i have sicker than the rest
i just can't seem to find my way through
i'm lost in confusion
my disease an illusion in the form of an intrusion
what is life but a job to you?

i'm suffering from conversion

do you hope? do you dream?
do you know what i have seen?
you think i'll ever know what normal means?
when i don't know what they're looking for
they tell me that i gotta try
but they don't know what's inside
and my condition is a lie
and i don't think i can take much more

what is happening to me?
Track Name: Similar
i dreamt of you
tasted you
remember what it feels like inside

retrace my steps
they don't lead me anywhere
remember what it feels like to wander

i thought i heard forever
when you were still around
but maybe i heard never
how similar the sound

every day
you're on my mind
it's as close as we ever get
Track Name: Narcissystem
lonely people in an empty room
sapping signals though they can't get through
they got the means
but they got nothing to do
they got each other
but they're locked into

the narcissystem

oh yeah, you're playing the game
don't even need an audience to cry and complain
oh yeah, don't look so vain
there's a million other people all doing the same
oh yeah, look at you now
you wrapped yourself in words and you can't get out
oh yeah, don't look so proud
how's it feel to scream and not make a sound?

no need to worry
i don't need your help
and you can keep your comments to yourself
i'm the only story
yeah i'm my very own feed
forget the network
it's all about me
Track Name: Strangers
i don't like it outside
it's much too bright
i'd rather simply close my eyes

the phone doesn't ring now
i've lost track of days
don't even know what i would say
so i'll stay away

they don't know

electronic strangers telling me that it gets better
but it stays the same

more or less broken
mostly ashamed
i'll take the burden of the blame

if i come off callous
it's cause i can't believe
i'm not the man i want to be
forgive me

you don't know
Track Name: The Escapist
something perverse about the way that we stay
interlocked in the tragedies of today
i got a TV, but not a damn thing is on
i got a radio that's playing half-hearted songs

i gotta get out
get the fuck out of here

you try to hide it but you can't look away
that little voice saying everything will be okay
you've gone complacent what to do with the time?
it's the escapist mentality gone awry

cultural rapists, you're the escapist
don't want to face it, you're the escapist
Track Name: Deadhead
there ain't nothing in this world for me
so come on now
there ain't nothing in this world for free
so come on now
i got holes in my shoes and i'm screaming the blues
yeah come on now
got a head full of lead, did you hear what i said
yeah come on now

there ain't nothing in this world i want
so come on now
there ain't nothing in my bank account
so come on now
i got nothing but debt, but i'm paying my dues
there ain't nothing in this world that i can lose

i got no worries and i got no concern
but i'm walking the line, yeah i'm walking the line
i'm feeling tired but i can't lay down
cause i don't have the time, no i don't have the time
what good's a bed when you're better off dead?

there ain't nothing for me here if you aren't near
Track Name: A Private Clarity
ideas flow, they come and go
visualizations take the place of thoughts
i can feel it in my fingertips
like an old song i used to know
a private clarity
in an overexposed mental picture
Track Name: Disenchanted
i've been trying for so long
for a way to actualize my dreams
and lately all i've been finding are one way roads
i'm reading through all the fine print
but i don't know what any of it means
i agree reluctantly and keep on filling the status quo

white collar workstations
never seemed to mean that much to me
living my life behind this paper thin wall
i'm having trouble believing
that this is where i'm meant to be
that's why i'm so inclined to say the hell with it all

so sure that there was more to this
in store for me

i beg your pardon but i've got an objection
this living thing isn't much fun anymore
call me disenchanted but i can't help but question
is this everything?
is this the life that i've been waiting for?

traffic lights and billboard signs
prescription drugs and dollar bills
if this is growing up
well i can't help but feel a little less than thrilled
Track Name: Tuesday
i am tuesday
i am uninvited
i'm unwanted
just another stepping stone

you just want friday
yeah, i wish i was friday

i wish i was beautiful
i wish that i was anxiously anticipated
i wish i was friday
but i am only tuesday

i wish i weren't me