A​|​EP​|​I: A Distant Sound

by Conversion Delay

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Acoustic home recordings of songs from the album "Stepping Stone"
"Red sky" originally written and recorded by Thrice


released July 31, 2014

Recorded and produced by:
Nick Allen, Nathaniel M Grosh, & JD Johnston
© 2014



all rights reserved


Conversion Delay Columbus, Ohio

Independent Rock, Columbus Ohio

Nathaniel Grosh
• • • Guitar // Keys // Vox

JD Johnston
• • • Guitar // Bass

Nick Allen
• • • Drums

Sebastian Olsson
• • • Bass
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Track Name: Deadhead
there ain't nothing in this world for me
so come on now
there ain't nothing in this world for free
so come on now
i got holes in my shoes and i'm screaming the blues
yeah come on now
got a head full of lead, did you hear what i said
yeah come on now

there ain't nothing in this world i want
so come on now
there ain't nothing in my bank account
so come on now
i got nothing but debt, but i'm paying my dues
there ain't nothing in this world that i can lose

i got no worries and i got no concern
but i'm walking the line, yeah i'm walking the line
i'm feeling tired but i can't lay down
cause i don't have the time, no i don't have the time
what good's a bed when you're better off dead?

there ain't nothing for me here if you aren't near
Track Name: Similar
i dreamt of you
tasted you
remember what it feels like inside

retrace my steps
they don't lead me anywhere
remember what it feels like to wander

i thought i heard forever
when you were still around
but maybe i heard never
how similar the sound

every day
you're on my mind
it's as close as we ever get
Track Name: 4AM!
i guess you don't know
if today is going to work out right
how bout tomorrow?
will you make it to the morning light?
oh yeah, i just might
a cup of coffee and a cigarette
and i'll be good tonight
that's if i can get to

back again!

tick tock tick
there's infomercials everywhere i look
i'm getting sick of it
and all this talk about the holy book
enough to make you weak
i think i hear a distant sound
i wanna go to sleep
but the sun's about to come back around
Track Name: Everything (is You)
darling, tell me where you're headed
baby, don't you know i'm indebted?

because everything is you

sugar, oh you taste so sweet
honey, tell me where we can meet again

the more i try to explain
the less they understand
so i'll keep it simple
you're a woman, and i'm a man

and everything is you
i don't want anything without you
Track Name: Conversion
my mind manifests what my body can't digest
each thought i have sicker than the rest
i just can't seem to find my way through
i'm lost in confusion
my disease an illusion in the form of an intrusion
what is life but a job to you?

i'm suffering from conversion

do you hope? do you dream?
do you know what i have seen?
you think i'll ever know what normal means?
when i don't know what they're looking for
they tell me that i gotta try
but they don't know what's inside
and my condition is a lie
and i don't think i can take much more

what is happening to me?
Track Name: Red Sky
i know what lies beneath
i've seen the flash of teeth
conspiring with the reef to sink our ship

the wind's a cheating wife
her tongue a thirsty knife
and she could take your life with one good kiss

can you see the sky turn red
as morning's light breaks over me
know tonight we'll make our bed
at the bottom of the sea

i know the ocean speaks
i've heard her call to me
and smiling in my dreams
she whispers this

look and see the sky turn red
like blood it covers over me
soon the sea shall give up her dead
we'll raise an empire from the bottom of the sea